Oyster Boy Review 20  
  Summer 2012
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Read & Recommended

Jeffery Beam

» Cold Mountain Poems: Zen Poems of Han Shan, Shih-Te, and Wang Fan-chih
   Poetry by J. P. Seaton

» The Way of Chuang Tzu
   Translated by Thomas Merton

» The Present Moment
   Thich Nhat Hanh, You Are Here: Discovering the Magic of the Present Moment
   Tim Freke, How Long is Now: A Journey to Enlightenment . . . and Beyond

» Ten Thousand Lives
   Poetry by Ko Un

» M. C. Richards: The Fire Within
   Documentary directed by Richard Kane

» Polis Is This: Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place
   Documentary directed by Henry Ferrini

» Pocket Poetry
   Rainer Maria Rilke, Poems from the Book of Hours = Das Stundenbuch
   Kenneth Rexroth, Songs of Love, Moon, & Wind: Poems from the Chinese
   Kenneth Rexroth, Written on the Sky: Poems from the Japanese
   Brenda Hillman, The Pocket Emily Dickinson

» Aaaaw to Zzzzzd: The Words of Birds, North America, Britain, and Northern Europe
   The words of birds by John Bevis

» The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry: A Critical Edition
   Poetry by Ernest Fenollosa
   Edited by Ezra Pound

» Radical Vernacular: Lorine Niedecker and the Poetics of Place
   Edited by Elizabeth Willis

» The Star You Steer By: Basil Bunting and British Modernism
   Edited by James McGonigal and Richard Price

» Nox
   Poetry by Anne Carson

» We Meet & The Walking-Away World
   Poetry by Kenneth Patchen

» Visual Poetry in the Avant Writing Collection
   Edited by John M. Bennett

» Poems for the Millennium, Volume Three: The University of California Book of Romantic & Postromantic Poetry
   Edited by Jerome Rothenberg

» Quote Poet Unquote: Contemporary Quotations on Poets and Poetry
   Edited by Dennis O'Driscoll

» Give Some Word
   Poetry by Cralan Kelder

» Homage to the Last Avant-Garde
   Poetry by Kent Johnson

» The Hundred Thousand Places
   Poetry by Thomas A. Clark

» Areas of Fog
   Poetry by Joe Massey

» C. P. Cavafy: Poems
   C. P. Cavafy: Collected Poems
   C. P. Cavafy: The Unfinished Poems
   Translated by Daniel Mendelsohn

» The Poet and the Sea
   Poetry by Juan Ramón Jiménez

» The Dance Most of All
   Poetry by Jack Gilbert

» Anxiety Chant
   Poetry by Aaron Tieger

» Sens-Plastique
   Poetry by Malcolm de Chazal

» Stickwork
   Poetry by Patrick Dougherty

» Sufi Rapper: The Spiritual Journey of Abd al Malik
   Poetry by Abd al Malik

» The Poems of Rumi
   The Forbidden Rumi: The Suppressed Poems of Rumi on Love, Heresy, and Intoxication edited by Nevit O. Ergin
   Will Johnson, The Spiritual Practices of Rumi: Radical Techniques for Beholding the Divine
   The Rubais of Rumi: Insane with Love edited by Nevit O. Ergin
   Tales of a Modern Sufi: The Invisible Fence of Reality and Other Stories edited by Nevit O. Ergin