Oyster Boy Review 20  
  Summer 2012
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» Levee 67


Kate Daniels
» Area Riches
   Debra Kaufman, The Next Moment
   Florence Nash, Fish Music

Lisa Dordal
» Finding the Heart of the Fruit
   Grey Brown, What It Takes

Anne C. Elguindi
» Spoken and Unspoken Conversation
   Muriel Spark, All the Poems of Muriel Spark

Michael Ferguson
» Janusz Szuber's They Carry a Promise: Selected Poems

Catherine Gallagher
» The Scales of Life
   Barbara Kremen, The Damsel Fly and Other Stories

Reginald Harris
» Sailing the Whirlwind
   Will Alexander, The Sri Lankan Loxodrome
» Northern Light
   The Dream We Carry: Selected and Last Poems of Olav H. Hauge
» A Voice for the Innocent Bystanders
   William La Riche, To The House of Collateral Damage
» Sound of the World Splitting Open
   Poems from the Women's Movement edited by Honor Moore

Josh Hockensmith
» Beyond Expression: Two Approaches to Zen Arts
   Stephen Addiss, The Zen Art Book: The Art of Enlightenment
   Stephen Berg, Cuckoo's Blood: Versions of Zen Masters
» Poet Before an Open Painting
   Andrea Selch, Boy Returning Water to the Sea

David Need
» What Water is Said? A Review Essay
   Phillip Lee Williams, Elegies for Water
   Coyla Barry, Swimming Woman: Poems from Montana
   Kazuko Shiraishi, My Floating Mother City
   Dunya Mikhail, Diary of a Wave Outside the Sea