Oyster Boy Review 18  
  Winter 2003–4
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» Levee 67



John Martone
» Ancient Teachers


Chad Driscoll
» The Dog Star, by Donald Windham

Lucy Harrison
» Liars and Saints, by Maile Meloy

Karen Trimbath
» You Shall Know Our Velocity, by Dave Eggers


Corvin Thomas
» Blues for Cannibals, by Charles Bowden


Mark Allen Roberts
» A Palpable Elysium: Portraits of Genius and Solitude, by Jonathan Williams


Reginald Harris
» Home Movies of Narcissus, by Rane Arroyo
   The Seer and the Seen
» Beyond the Water Dance, by L. Teresa Church
   Southern Memories
» Mahrem—Things Men Should Do for Men: A Suite for O, by Edward Foster
   The Poet as Stranger in a Strange Land

Josh Hockensmith
» Haiku: Poetry Ancient and Modern, by Jackie Hardy & The Japanese Haiku, by Kenneth Yasuda
   All Grown Up: English-language Haiku After Half a Century

Patricia Moyer
» Fresco: Selected Poetry, by Luljeta Lleshanaku
   Commune of Translators
» Echoes of Memory, by Lucio Mariani
   Connoisseur of the Void

David Need
» The Blue Hour, by Carolyn Forche
   Opening Heart-Worlds, Breaking Language
» Taping Images to Walls, by Dan Stryk
   On Writing Poetry Despite the Fact that Your Town (and Your Son) Doesn't Listen

David Preece
» Let Those Who Appear, by Kazuko Shiraishi
   Japan's Allen Ginsberg

Reginald Shepherd
» I Will Say Beauty, by Carol Frost
» Spar, by Karen Volkman