Oyster Boy Review 21  
  Poetry Annual 2014
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Mystic Poems

Elizabeth Kirwin

I am part of the myth.
This is why I stay up all night
keeping strange vigil by
the moonlit river.

There is a roaring in my head.
Firelit lights become as one
with plant life and night mists.
The current is strong
and I have waited all lifelong
to be filled with substance
receive: transmit

I am part of the story.
I am part of the myth.


Turn the dry branches
upside down and light the flame
I am consuming you again
but I have mercy
you will not all be gone—you will live

Drink the holy water
soon it will come through you
Drink of the stream
Drink deeply from my mind
Dig into the earth, my body
and lie down full length
I am merciful
You are well
all noxious substances
have been expelled

Tomorrow, you will drink more
only even more deeply
and you will make love
to the earth, my body,
until you are dust.


Have you seen the full moon
travel the sky
inch by inch
the earth devours
bodies of light
yours, hours,
day, night.


Time is a lie.
closely held
and revered
easily smashed.


It will be as you dreamed.
You shall set your head upon
pillows of stone
and be softly weaned.

Now will pour forth
the milk of the gods
it will flow from your eyes
grow in the world
wild flower
in sun,
darkness, rain,
you will bloom from my excess
I will not shut my eyes from you
open: again.

. . .