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  Poetry Annual 2014
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The Best of Company

Florence Fogelin

The eye has three kinds of receptors, all of which
see the color green.
—N.Y. Times

The power and the glory
of a June morning is pushing it to eighty on I-91 listening
to Glen Gould play Bach's fifth partita
—muchtoofast—each note as articulate
as a leaf in summer's green, hilarious profusion.
The Deity's extravagant
and not at all put off by speed.

Zooming into Vermont,
I'm in the best of company, an apprentice
learning from the masters how to focus on detail.
Leaves unfurl; I phrase them into trees,
dial up the volume on the radio,
and weave through traffic's melodies and rock tunes.
Make way!

Make way for the Baroque!
Glory be to God who does things to excess!
Our eyes are programmed three times over
to see what He's doing.
Celebrate abundance, abundantly precise:
step on the gas
and race the sun toward light's longest day.

. . .