Oyster Boy Review 08  
  January 1998
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Seven Metafours

Jonathan Williams

never say die says
salman rushdie my next
book will be titled
buddha that fat bastard

so how's the hammer
hangin' warm and loose
and full of juice

B. B. King

nobody loves me like
my mama and she
may be jivin' too

La Grande Cusine Corniche

ratty soggy tatty oggy

so what's a chutney
ferret it's a new
rude thing to call
faggots breeders used to
call them brown hatters
hard people them breeders

The First Biblical Threesome after Eden

shadrach meshach and tobedwego

The Adagio of Anton Bruckner's Symphony #7

I'll tell you this
mem sahib no white
man ever walked here