Oyster Boy Review 08  
  January 1998
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For Jeffrey Dahmer

Michael Rumaker

(murdered today in prison, 11/28/94)

in his croc brain
at the elemental origins of love
suckling his intimacies
to become his flesh and blood
This is my body
This is my blood
in me now and forever
till death do us part
in feasts of marraige
of union
of communion
those he had tasted
in closet holes of pleasure
comsumed by passion
whiteness devouring blackness
as primary ancestors
at the skeletal origins of respect
chewing the fat
of enemies
the choice joints
bulging with toughness
juicy with cunning tenderness
communicants at the ligaments of spirit
This is my body
This is my blood
eat me in the name of love
savor me
to be saved
redeemed in the meat of
Jeffrey redeemed
in the meat of
in the bowel of
the redeemer
hacking back to
what is debased
consuming love
consuming the beloved
consuming the redeemed
consuming the redeemer
Jeffrey gaping at the gaping maw