Oyster Boy Review 08  
  January 1998
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Six Poems

Hannah Bonner

My pugga

My pugga and my wugga
and my bug bug bugga
and my itch and my
witch and the whole
wide hitch!

I love to say mice

I love to say mice are
ice and a lot of other

I am in a worry

I am in a worry to get dinner
in a hurry help help
guess what? I fell into
the curry.

Willie me rum

Willie me rum Willie me
ryhme Willie me rum and
flew into hive.


January January so crisp so dish
so cold like a fish.


March March with a very
fine arch March March with a
trouser in its heart.


July July with the crocodile
eye July July so fine.


October October so fine and
sober October October feel all over.