O Y S T E R   B O Y   R E V I E W   9
  from   V I .   I D E A S
  Anne Carson
Autobiography of Red: A Novel in Verse



Eventually Geryon learned to write.

His mother's friend Maria gave him a beautiful notebook from Japan with a florescent cover. On the cover Geryon wrote Autobiography. Inside he set down the facts.

Total Facts Known About Geryon

Geryon was a monster everything about him was red. Geryon lived on an island in the Atlantic called the Red Place. Geryon's mother was a river that runs to the sea the Red Joy River Geryon's father was gold. Some say Geryon had six hands six feet some say wings. Geryon was red so were his strange red cattle. Herakles came one day killed Geryon got the cattle.

He followed Facts with Questions and Answers.

QUESTIONS Why did Herakles kill Geryon?
1. Just violent.
2. Had to it was one of His Labors (10th).
3. Got the idea that Geryon was Death otherwise he would live forever.


Geryon had a little red dog Herakles killed that too.

  - - - -

From Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red (Knopf, 1998).